Thank you, Bipolar

During his 2 years with Kuala Lumpur Hunters, Bipolar has played a lot of significant roles. From Head Coach to Player and also our Manager. Among all those, he was also the team’s big motivator and backbone. His departure will leave a big impact on the team but we hope that we were able to give Bipolar an environment to grow as a person and expand his working capabilities.

We wish him the best of luck for his future endeavours and also a speedy recovery.

My decision to move away from Kuala Lumpur Hunters is not one that I have made easily. Those of you who know me will know how much passion and commitment I have put into the game over many years. You will also know how many roles I have been responsible for with KLH: as a player, manager and especially a coach. It has been a wonderful and challenging time; it has taken its toll. I have been battling with personal health issues for almost a year now and unfortunately things just became too much to handle. So it is the right moment to take time away.

I would have liked to take on this season and prove once again that KLH was the undisputed champion of Malaysia. It saddens me to have to leave people I care about deeply. My journey with KLH has been one that I will never regret. From playing with the old guard of 2016 to the entire roster overhaul in 2017 and reaching heights that had never been achieved before when we had many doubters. This journey has been one of constant ups and downs but I would never trade it for anything. The relationships I fostered and lessons I learnt along the way are irreplaceable.

My only wish is my boys prove once again this season that they should never be doubted. I truly believe KLH will lift the cup and I’ll be watching proudly from wherever I am. I have no idea if my stint in Malaysian League of Legends ends here. I do believe Malaysia has the potential to break through to a higher competitive level, in any competitive sport what is required is that a team consists of a strong, cohesive unit of dedicated individuals with the proper support staff backing them up. KLH was the team which I feel has come the closest to that. In the coming year I hope to see organizations figure out the correct infrastructure for a team. I honestly respect Fire Dragoon immensely for how they’ve shaped their support staff. If more teams took their approach we would see a huge advancement in the level of play.

I hope all of you out there who support KLH will continue to do so with the same amount of passion. Thank you to all of you who have supported me in my journey.

– Ramsay ‘Bipolar‘ Devaraj


KLH Bipolar 02