Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

The KL Hunters were given the honor by Logitech Malaysia to use the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum one week after its launch. After 1 month of use, here are the reviews on the opinions of the players


The best feature of the G900 Chaos Spectrum is the wireless function. Many are skeptical of the idea of playing tournaments with a wireless hardware due to reliability reasons, citing the potential drop in performance.

However, the G900 managed to quash the skeptics in this regard as the wireless tracking is near flawless and equal to, if not better than any wired gaming mouse. The KL Hunters have been playing in tournaments – wireless, and there is no reason to stop doing so.

The battery is extremely long-lasting and could go an entire week without charging. The only aspect Logitech could do better is to provide a way to check the battery’s actual remaining life without having to use the software – just for convenience sake.

The wireless function is what makes the G900 worth. There is no wire tension when used, and is still able to have a response rate as good as any other gaming mice out there – by far the best mouse I have ever used

 – Adrian ‘CO4’ Leng


The G900 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse, which is customizable to left or right-handed players, thanks to removable macro keys. However, due to its nature as an ambidextrous mouse, some users may not like the ergonomics compared to Logitech’s previous products such as the G502 and G402.

The design of the mouse is modern and is definitely one of the most unique gaming mice out in the market.

The G900 is unique & cool, equipped with a customizable glowing Logitech logo on its body. It’s pretty comfortable when used, and I do not feel restrained as it is wireless

– Jasper ’13Ghost’ Tan



The players in KL Hunters train approximately 10 – 12 hours a day and strains on the wrist are unavoidable. However, the G900 was able to find the sweet spot between the weight and size for a professional player who plays the game for an extended period of time.

One of the awesome features of the G900 is its light weight of only 107g. Despite that, the G900 Chaos Spectrum is surprisingly stable and comfortable when used.

The G900 Chaos Spectrum is what I would consider my ‘dream gaming mice’. It is slightly smaller than the G502, but is as light as the G302. I could spend the whole day training and yet not feel any strain on my wrist

– Poon ‘OzoraVeki’ Kok Sing


Most professional games are decided by split second decisions, and having the tools in execution is very important for our players. The G900 boasts a report rate of 1,000Hz (1ms) and with it, we are able to make necessary plays to make or break the game.

The G900 is very responsive, and the mechanical pivot buttons on the mouse gives the players great feedback when clicked.

As an AD Carry, I am required to kite and position myself in matter of seconds. The responsiveness the G900 provides helped me a lot in ensuring that I could maximize my performance in game without any problems

– Joseph ‘CoolKitty’ Lim


The Chaos Spectum is equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor, which is widely known as the best gaming mouse sensor in the market and it proved to be true. Despite popular belief that laser sensor is better, the PMW3366 provides top notch tracking for competitive gaming.

Although the G900 uses an optical sensor, it’s really accurate and precise. Using it has helped enhance my mouse positioning in League to land or dodge skill shots during important tournament matches 

– Calvin ‘SOUPerior’ Yang



The G900 is one of its kind and has helped a lot in improving my performance. Its’ spectacular tracking paired up with its wireless technology makes it one of the best mouse I’ve used so far.

– Eric ‘QaspieL’ Sia

In conclusion, the G900 Chaos Spectrum is probably one of the best gaming mice in the market. The cost might be a discouraging factor as it is priced at around RM700, but is justified through the quality that the mouse delivers.

If you are looking to splurge on a top notch mid-sized gaming mouse equipped with wireless capabilities, the G900 Chaos Spectrum is at the very top of the list.