Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum

G810 Orion Spectrum - Copy

G810 Orion Spectrum: The G810 Orion Spectrum is part of the latest line of Logitech gaming peripherals. The keyboard features mechanical keys, a sleek and compact design without sacrificing performance.


Mechanical Keys
The Orion Brown features Romer-G Mechanical Switches, which delivers quieter buttons near instant response. Crucial for the Hunters to have their edge in those split seconds where it really matters. Furthermore, the keys are one of the most durable to date, performing reliably for over 70 million keystrokes.

The keyboard has a very sleek feel, the buttons are much quieter than my old keyboard and the design is outstanding!”

– Eric “Qaspiel” Sia Sze Pin


Media Controls
The media controls on the top right of the keyboard allows you to control your background media without ever having to shift your attention away from the game. The volume control operates on a roller instead of the traditional + and – buttons giving you .

“I really like the media controls. The wheel for the volume is especially nice because I can quickly adjust the sound without missing anything.”

-Calvin “Souperior” Yang


A Spectrum of Colour
Sporting an assortment of lighting display options and with plenty more available for download from the Logitech website, you can customize your keyboards lighting options to suit your unique designs. Take full advantage of every colour in the spectrum with over 16.8 million colours to choose from and design a setting that’s as unique as you are.

Overall the keyboard is pretty perfect. I use literally every feature of the keyboard and all of them are important. Very compact, easy to travel with and very responsive.”

-Poon “OzoraVeki” Kok Sing