Logitech G610 Orion Brown

G610 Orion Brown - Copy

The G610 Orion Brown is one of Logitech’s newest gaming peripherals. It’s compact shape, light weight and nearly limitless functionality make it an attractive keyboard for serious gamers who take their game wherever they go.

Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches

The keys feature the Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches, which house a rubber dome giving the G610 a notably smooth touch and satisfying feedback.

“I really love the keys. They have a really nice feeling to them. Pressing the buttons has a really satisfying smoothness to them”

– Eric “Qaspiel” Sia Sza Pin

Media Controls

The media controls on the top right of the keyboard allows you to control your background media without ever having to shift your attention away from the game. The volume control operates on a roller instead of the traditional + and – buttons giving you more precise control.

“The media controls are really helpful, I especially like the roller for the volume control instead of the usual two buttons. It allows me to be in full control no matter what’s going on in the game”

– Calvin “Souperior” Yang

Customizable Key Lighting

Supported by downloadable software from the Logitech website, the G610 Orion Brown features plenty of customizable lighting functions and patterns that can be synchronized across all your Logitech gaming gear.

Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech’s gaming software allows you personalize your F11 and F12 keys with macros, and comes with over 300 profiles pre-loaded for just as many titles, even allowing you to switch off keys that get in the way by enabling “Game Mode”.

Overall the G610 Orion Brown delivers responsiveness and nearly limitless functionality in one neat and compact package. When everything is on the line, rely on the G610 to perform, allowing you to give your all, at every game.