TLC MY: The Proving Grounds

The Hunters entered TLC MY Spring 2017 the defending champions and yet also, as a very unfamiliar one.

Having changed 3 of our starting 5 players, there were many questions surrounding the Hunters.

Can they be successful without OzoraVeki?

Is Swestic actually the best team in Malaysia after performing so well at the League of Champions?

Can KLH reign supreme in what is quite possibly the largest TLC in Malaysian history, boasting 16 of Malaysia’s best teams?

Similarly to last season after the departure of Jaeyoong, there were lots of concerns unaddressed.

The Hunters put up mixed results in the group stages, sweeping their group both weeks, but sputtering against Monochrome Souls on both occasions and bringing about more questions than answers.

This continued in the quarterfinals versus JnJ Esports where they looked shaky in game 2, dropping a game against a team that many people had written off.

However as the weeks went on, the Hunters seemed to grow in strength, sweeping aside a team that many considered to be dangerous, Fire Dragoons, in a clean 3-0 series.

The Hunters found themselves in the finals of TLC MY despite all the hurdles that stood before them. The last of which, Swestic would prove to be there greatest challenge yet.

Swestic had made quick work of last years finalists, Orange E-sports in a one sided 3-0 quarterfinal and then also dispatched of “Twice”, the hot new team from Pahang that upset Selangor Cyber Games Champs, Mineski X.

The Hunters found themselves in familiar territory. Having to prove, once again, that they were the best that Malaysia had to offer.

And so they did.

After 3 games the Hunters rose from their seats as TLC Spring Champions of 2017, and Malaysia’s GPL representatives.

It has been a tumultuous few months.

With all the questions that they have already put to rest, the Hunters now face new and more challenging riddles.

The answers to which, all lie in Manila.

Luqman “Crowe” Abdullah