GPL Semifinals Note

It has only been 5 days since the team touched down for the Garena Premier League Summer 2016 but I see the need to express my gratitude to everyone for the support given throughout the GPL.

You may not know, but tournaments are extremely cruel towards the participating teams. The pressure placed on the players, coaches, and managers are immense and it has been something that I’ve witnessed with my own eyes during the 5 days in Da Nang.

It was only 5 days, but emotional breakdowns and shedding of tears are just some of the the many incidents that had happened. This does not apply only to KLH, but every team present. However, an understood fact among us, is that we have to continue pushing ourselves forward the next morning – because we have a job that needs to be done.

Travelling overseas to compete felt like something that many should be envious about, but it is not necessarily true because in the past 120 hours here, the only place we’ve been to is the hotel and cyber cafe. We haven’t got the chance to step on the beautiful beach here.

We’ve had an awesome welcoming dinner on the first night, but since then, meals were generally packed food in order to fit our schedule – which is a constant rush between training, reviewing and competing. In fact, most of our free time were spent reviewing VODs, discussing strategies, and developing game plans for the tournament.

For KLH, we wake up at 7:30am daily and have our schedules fully packed until 11:00pm, excluding the extra hours we put into preparing for upcoming matches, inevitably stretching our days up until 1.00am the next day.

This note is not written as a rant – we love our job, but it is to share the perspective of a Professional eSports Team during a tournament. It is tough, and it is why we are greatly empowered by the support coming from the community this time. It is the encouragements from friends, family, and even those we do not know, that gives us a reason to continue to striving forward

All because we do not want to disappoint you, who are supporting us thousands of kilometres away. We play the Bangkok Titans this Saturday at 12.00pm (GMT+8.00).

If we triumphed over BKT, remember – the win is not for ourselves but you who supported the team. If we fall short in the match and is eliminated, know that we’ve given everything we’ve got.

Thank you, and we’ll see you tomorrow.


Signing off.

Jeffery “Vyprex” Chan